The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 came into force on 22nd April 2016.  As of this date, statutory Type Approval previously required under Direction 56 ceased and TOPAS Product Registration became live for new product registrations for all such traffic control equipment.  

Our key aim is to seek convergence of specifications to reduce the risk of operational problems in the future.  The establishment of TOPAS will ensure the management and development of technical specifications for traffic control equipment and offer a straightforward means for customers to verify compliance with these through its product registration system.

​On this site TOPAS will:
  • Maintain and review technical specifications for traffic control and associated equipment
  • Maintain and publish a public list of TOPAS registered products which comply with the  requirements of individual technical specifications
  • Publish and maintain an up to date register of suppliers adopting the Specifications and registration process
  • Manage consultation processes for new technical specifications for traffic control equipment proposed by manufacturers
  • Provide a product registration and certification service for manufacturers
  • Keep interested parties updated with important information and notification of public meeting dates
The register will be updated regularly and will be deemed to be the current position.   Product registrations may be checked with TOPAS.   We can provide copies of full certificates on request. Please email with the manufacturer information and Certificate reference number provided and we will be able confirm whether the product registered with us or has been removed. 
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TOPAS Briefings

Information:  18.8.20 TOPAS proposed fees increase was today agreed at the AGM.  The  increase to £1,200 per product will be effective from 1st April 2021.
TOPAS Terms of Reference  can be found  here

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