About Us

About us:

TOPAS Management Board comprises representatives from Department for Transport, Transport Scotland, Welsh Government, Transport N.I., Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management (ARTSM), Traffic Systems Group (TSG) and the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT).

TOPAS Terms of Reference can be found here

TOPAS Board Members are voluntary and nominated by their sectors.  Neither the Board nor the organisations receive funding for the management of TOPAS.  Initial funding to establish TOPAS as a business entity and create the TOPAS system of registration came from Department of Transport, ADEPT and ARTSM.  TOPAS is a not for profit company that is intended to be self funding.

Board Members currently:


ARTSM (ARTSM Member WG3) - David Cousins (Swarco)

ARTSM (Executive Member WG4) - Keith Manston (Yunex) 

ARTSM (Executive Member WG4) - Mark Pleydell (PTC) -  Company Director, TOPAS

ARTSM - (ARTSM WG4) Pete Hutchinson (AGD)

Government Representation:

England - Department for Transport nominated representative

Scotland - Transport Scotland nominated representative

Northern Ireland - Transport NI nominated representative

Wales - Welsh Government nominated representative


TSG - Adrian Gray - Hampshire County Council

TSG - Brian Taylor - Highways England

TSG - Kornelis Vantuyl - Transport for London

TSG - Richard Ling - Cambridgeshire County Council -  Chair, TOPAS


Appointment of Chair/Vice Chair annually on rolling programme of nomination from each sector - ARTSM TSG Gvt Rep.  Appointments taken from August each year.

Summary Accounts July 15th 2014 - July 31st 2015

Summary Accounts for period to 31st July 2016

Summary Accounts for period to 31st July 2017

Summary Accounts for period to 31st July 2018

Summary Accounts for period to 31st July 2019

Summary Accounts for period to 31st July 2020

Summary Accounts for period to 31st July 2021


Minutes TOPAS AGM July 2016

Minutes TOPAS AGM July 2017

Minutes TOPAS AGM July 2018 

Minutes TOPAS AGM July 2019

Minutes TOPAS AGM August 2020

Minutes of TOPAS AGM August 2021





Registered Office: Union House, 111 New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2NT




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