Specification Review

TOPAS will undertake a review of all Specifications on a regular basis.  The current review will be promoted on this site and Manufacturers will be invited to comment.  Please bookmark this page for information regarding reviews.

Comments should be forwarded to  enquiries@topasgroup.org.uk   using the document below

TOPAS 0601 - Specification Review Process

TOPAS0601 Appendix - comments docx:  download here

For current specification(s) review   : 

TOPAS 2517C is now in consultation for three months from 14/12/21 - 11/2/22 - The proposed final spec can be found here

TOPAS 2130B is now in consultation for one month from 15/11/21 - to 15/12/21 - please note this review is to update requirements for envronmental testing to meet current standards (changes will be proposed following input during the consultation)  The current spec can be found here

TOPAS 2541B is now in consultation - one month 1/11/21 - 30/11/21 - please use the comment sheet above for reponses. For draft specification CLICK HERE

TOPAS 2540A is now in second consultation stage for three months ending 5/11/21.  For draft specification click here.  This specification amalgamates TOPAS 2502, 2503, 2537 & 2538.    Please use the comments docx above for responses.  Please note that we are reviewing for technical content (any issues with formatting will be dealt with after this consultation). 

TOPAS 2513A is currently under internal review (20/11/20)

TOPAS 2543A for traffic signal heads is currently being drafted (28/9/21)



TOPAS 2541B is now live (14/12/21)

TOPAS 2516D is now live (15/7/21) 

TOPAS 2500B is now live (6/7/21)   If you require sight of the comments relating to this review please contact the administrator

TOPAS 2505B is now live (28/6/21) and supersedes TOPAS 2504A & TOPAS 2505A

TOPAS 2515C is now live (20/5/21) - no comments received in consultation.

TOPAS 2542A (non contact pedestrian signal demand) is now live (1/3/21).  (Please click here for the consultation comments)  

TOPAS 2520A This specification is now obsolete 26/2/21


Where a product is previously registered against a specification, manufacturers are simply required to confirm using the correct Form from TOPAS 0600 Appendices that the product remains compliant with an amended spec in order for the product registered to be migrated on the TOPAS website.  Where products are pending registration as a result of review notices, manufacturers are urged to take part in the review process





30th January 2015

The first issues of TOPAS specifications are adapted from the Highways Agency specifications TR25** Series/version that they replace.  There are no changes of substance to the specifications, save that all statutory requirements have been removed from Section 1 and a new Appendix Z has been added identifying Technical File Content requirements.  Manufacturers must still comply with all statutory requirements and regulations in force as at the date of production and are responsible for ensuring this.  Where a TOPAS specification identifies a superseded standard or regulation, this should be read as requiring compliance with the most recent version and not the superseded one. 

Any discrepancies existing in the HR specifications taken over by TOPAS will be dealt with at the next round of TOPAS specification Reviews. 

This will not affect the status of any HA Type Approvals in existence or presently being requested through the HA.



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